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Extra! Extra! More good news about Florida schools

When it comes to Florida’s public education system, good news does not travel fast. The latest examples: Two encouraging reports that got zero traction in mainstream media circles. The first is a rigorous study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. It found that as America’s largest private school[Read More…]

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Florida public schools again rank high on academic outcomes

Is Florida’s public education system as bad as many of its critics suggest? Yet another analysis, focused exclusively on actual academic outcomes, says no. In fact, according to Reason magazine, Florida ranks No. 3 in K-12 educational quality and No. 1 in educational efficiency. Released this week, Reason’s ranking based[Read More…]

Media shouldn’t ignore good news about Florida public schools

The recent Education Week report that ranked Florida public schools No. 4 in the nation in academic achievement was well-deserved recognition for this state’s underappreciated schools. It arrived in the thick of an election season where public education has been front-burner. And, given the less-than-glowing reputation of Florida’s education system,[Read More…]

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Education Week: Florida public schools No. 4 in America in K-12 achievement

Florida public schools now rank No. 4 in academic achievement, behind only Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia, according to the latest annual “Quality Counts” report from Education Week, released  this week. Though it’s not noted in the report, Florida has a far higher rate of low-income students than any state[Read More…]