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Column: Florida teachers union should celebrate teacher success

At the EdFly Blog today, former Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas asks a reasonable question: Why isn’t the Florida teachers union trumpeting the dramatic gains of Florida teachers? This morning’s Education Week ranking is just the latest in a long string of credible reports that finds Florida making steady academic progress. Shouldn’t Florida[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Quality Counts, Common Core, rezoning retreat & more

Top 10 again. Education Week ranks Florida No. 6 this year in its annual Quality Counts report. redefinED. Orlando Sentinel. Associated Press. Teacher evals. StateImpact Florida writes about the new Gates study on the best way to identify the best teachers. SchoolZone notes it. Jay P. Greene rips it. District[Read More…]

Education Week: Florida public schools rank No. 6 in education quality

For the fifth year in a row, Florida’s public school system ranks among the best in the country, according to the latest annual analysis by Education Week. Released this morning, the highly anticipated “Quality Counts” report puts Florida at No. 6 among states this year, trailing only Maryland, Massachusetts, New[Read More…]

Florida roundup: ALEC, Common Core, teacher evaluations and more

ALEC to remain neutral on Common Core. Report from EdWeek. As we noted last week, Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education weighed in against the ALEC resolution. Thumbs up from Checker Finn. More from EdFly Blog. Speaking of Common Core … Education Week writes about the dispute between the[Read More…]

Down the rabbit hole on Florida’s Amendment 8

It’s concerning enough that Florida education reporters are overlooking basic facts about Amendment 8 – the “religious freedom amendment” – and in many cases simply repeating what the teachers unions and school boards say about it (that it’s really about vouchers voucher vouchers vouchers … ). But an Orlando Sentinel reporter took it a step further yesterday,[Read More…]