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Low-income private school students could gain in new federal education law

While Congress recently rejected plans to support school vouchers or allow federal Title I funding to follow students to any school they choose, there may still be a consolation prize in store for low-income private school students as lawmakers prepare to reconcile competing plans to overhaul a key K-12 education law.[Read More…]

U.S. Senate rejects plan to allow Title I funding to follow low-income children

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday voted down a plan that would have allowed federal education funding for high-poverty schools to follow low-income students wherever they enroll, including private schools. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., led the push for so-called “Title I portability,” which he said would have helped states support school choice[Read More…]

This week in school choice: Watching Washington

The wonky world of Washington is buzzing as Congress moves closer to passing an updated version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Developments in D.C. can seem mind-fogging and distant. But this week, we saw why federal policy matters for the school choice movement. The House passed its version of the legislation, which would[Read More…]

The best way for the feds to help schools? Get out of the way

If the federal government wants to make a lasting impact on American education, here’s how it can do it: Get out of the way of states and quit adding to the problem it helped create. Those closest to the children know what is in their best interests. In education, that hierarchy starts with a child’s parents or guardians and extends next to teachers and principals – way down the list are the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C.