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A little legal history to go with those concerns about vouchers & creationism

The Orlando Sentinel recently published a blog entry about a new website that opposes students using publicly-funded vouchers to attend private schools that teach creationism. The site asserts, “Teaching creationism with public money is unconstitutional. It violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which lays out a clear separation[Read More…]

Eric J. Smith, another Floridian worthy of being Romney’s education chief

EdWeek’s Politics K-12 blog offers an intriguing list of possible education secretaries in a Romney administration, including one prominent Floridian: Jeb Bush. But the otherwise great list overlooked another Floridian: Eric J. Smith, the state’s former ed commissioner. Smith, nudged out last year by Gov. Rick Scott, was hired by the state[Read More…]

Why science advocates should embrace vouchers, school choice

Editor’s note: Due to technical difficulties with the blog, many redefinED readers were unable to read this post when it was originally published Friday. Thanks to those of you who notified us. Thanks to all for your patience. It’s old news that many religious schools teach creationism and intelligent design[Read More…]