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A three-pronged strategy for a better education for all

Editor’s note: This commentary from Patricia Levesque, chief executive officer for the Foundation for Excellence in Education and former deputy chief of staff for education for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, appears in the summer issue of Education Next. There’s a fierce determination among elected officials and education leaders to return[Read More…]

A reimaginED interview with education choice policy expert BenDeGrow

After working for nearly two decades in state-based public policy providing expert analysis in school choice, school finance and more, Ben DeGrow has accepted the position of policy director, education choice, at ExcelinEd. During his tenure at Michigan’s Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Colorado’s Independence Institute, DeGrow led dozens[Read More…]

Jeb Bush: ‘Reform is never finished, success is never final’

Editor’s note: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush advocates for an “unbundled” education of the future after two years of disrupted schooling in this opinion piece circulated by ExcelinEd, the organization for which he is founder and chairman. The commentary published originally in the Miami Herald. Last month marked two years[Read More…]

Florida scores knockout in U.S. News & World Report rankings – but is underrated

The classic arcade game Punch-Out!! asked players to assume the role of a green-haired boxer named “Little Mac” to box with much larger opponents, like the terrifying Bald Bull. Despite his tiny size, Little Mac could sometimes do things like this to much larger opponents: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DelightfulNastyAcornbarnacle-small.gif The story I would[Read More…]

Hard work, not ‘magic Cubans,’ led to Florida’s Hispanic literacy surge

You, dear reader, look as though you could use some distraction from the viral apocalypse. Like many good stories, this one flashes back to the past to inform the present. A decade ago, while an analyst at the Goldwater Institute, I participated in a debate concerning choice versus curriculum reform.[Read More…]