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State colleges look to expand high school programs to boost sagging enrollment

Like their counterparts nationally, many of Florida’s locally governed public colleges experienced enrollment declines before the pandemic that only grew steeper after its onset. Also like their counterparts, these post-secondary schools, which, like state universities, are coordinated under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Education, have been exploring and[Read More…]

Virtual reality charter school takes students to the moon, under the sea

Editor’s note: reimaginED Senior Writer Lisa Buie donned a headset and took a virtual journey to learn how an innovative Florida school will use virtual reality to accelerate learning. “Sorry for the delay in responding to your email,” I told a contact last week. “But I was busy walking on[Read More…]

Florida school district seeks to partner with local charter schools to meet skyrocketing population growth

Nationally, the war between charter and district schools continues to rage. In Washington, D.C., the U.S. Department of Education has  proposed new rules for start-up grants that charter advocates say make it virtually impossible for new charters to open. In Kentucky, Gov. Andy Beshear last week vetoed a bill that[Read More…]

By all means, keep moving

I read the new American Federation for Children/Step Up for Students study on choice for Black students in Florida, and found a bit of inspiration in the following charts: These charts compare the NAEP scores for Black students attending Florida charter schools to those of statewide averages for Black students.[Read More…]

Charter school network prepares to return formerly struggling North Florida schools to local control

Nearly five years after taking over operations of Jefferson County’s struggling school system, Somerset Academy, Inc. is preparing to return control to the local school board. “I’m super proud of how far we’ve come,” said Cory Oliver, who has served as principal of the combined K-12 campus since two district[Read More…]

Charter schools and the unbundling of K-12 education services

Editor’s note: This post is an edited version of a talk Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill delivered in October to the Florida Charter School Conference in Orlando. Products and services in many industries are in the process of being unbundled. Thirty years ago, we had to buy albums[Read More…]

The state of school choice in the U.S.

Charter schools and home schooling are experiencing major growth. Meanwhile, there were no significant differences between students in charter schools and traditional public schools in average reading and mathematics scores on national tests in 2017. Those are two of the key findings in the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE) latest[Read More…]