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podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews Florida Catholic Conference’s Michael Barrett

On this episode, Tuthill speaks with the Conference’s associate for education about the history of Catholic education and the tension between Catholic schools maintaining an open, welcoming environment for all students while adhering to the practices and beliefs of their religious identity. With nearly 30,000 of Florida’s roughly 80,000 Catholic[Read More…]

School choice scholarships help Florida families

Editor’s post: This piece by James Herzog, associate director for education at the Florida Catholic Conference and occasional contributor to redefinED, ran over the weekend in the Palm Beach Post. The tax credit scholarship program is administered by Step Up For Students, which co-hosts this blog. The low-income mom from[Read More…]

FL Catholic schools want look at district’s distribution of federal $

After an unexpected funding shortfall, Florida Catholic schools want state education leaders to review how one of the state’s biggest school districts distributed federal dollars earmarked for needy children in public and private schools. The request was made last week after Catholic schools in northeast Florida learned the Title I[Read More…]

Catholic schools grapple with Common Core concerns

A year ago, Catholic schools in Florida were headed toward adopting a version of Common Core State Standards that would let them keep their autonomy and cultural identity. Many liked what they saw as increased rigor. And many hoped to gain access to state assessments that could make it easier[Read More…]

Tony Bennett’s resignation disappoints school choice supporters

In mid-June, Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett visited a modest retreat on the outskirts of Tampa where a University of Notre Dame program was hosting a symposium on school choice. Fewer than 40 people were in attendance, but Bennett spoke and answered questions for an hour. “I will never ever[Read More…]

Florida private schools on verge of getting safety alerts like public schools

Florida private schools will get safety alerts just like their public school counterparts, under a bill passed by the Legislature last week and expected to be signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott. Passed unanimously in both the House and Senate, the bill requires police departments and other emergency response[Read More…]

Some private schools want to give FCAT and end-of-course exams a try

At least 13 private schools that accept the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship have applied to administer the FCAT and end-of-course exams next year. The schools, mostly faith-based and in South and Central Florida, have submitted their applications to the Florida Department of Education, which will decide in August whether to[Read More…]