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This week in school choice: Doing battle over charter schools

Debates over school choice accountability and regulations often become surrogate battles over whether states should have, or expand, options in the first place. This week saw several of these fights flare over charter schools. Democrats in Philadelphia’s mayoral race couldn’t agree on whether they support charter schools, but they almost all[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Rules for thee but not for me; vouchers, charters and choice

Julian Vasquez Heilig, associate professor, University of Texas, Austin I am not sure whether Julian Vasquez Heilig wanted readers to laugh or cry when he published his latest brief on voucher research. Vasquez Heilig sets up his paper by describing the attitudes, beliefs and motivations of voucher supporters. So who[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: MO vouchers needed, comic strips and charter schools and how not to do diversity

Des Moines Independent Community School District School districts aren’t allowed to base enrollment policies on race anymore. So, to achieve “racial balance,” the Des Moines Independent Community School District’s diversity plan allows it to base admissions and enrollment decisions on socioeconomic status. The district looks at whether students are eligible[Read More…]

FL charter high schools outperform district high schools

Like their elementary and middle school counterparts, Florida charter high schools earned higher concentrations of both A and F grades than district schools, according to the state’s latest school grades report. Just how much higher depends on how you slice it. Bear with us. The latest report, released Dec. 18,[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Holocaust studies, Ben Carson, teacher pay & more

Charter schools: Miami-Dade County school officials sign off on a $4.3 billion budget that for the first time includes $300 million for charter schools. Miami Herald.  Holocaust studies: For Broward and Palm Beach county students who face bullying, peer pressure and prejudice in school, learning about the Holocaust is becoming increasingly relevant. Sun Sentinel.[Read More…]