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School grade padding in Florida helped district schools more than charters

Florida charter schools didn’t benefit as much as district schools from the school grades “safety net” that state education officials continued this summer. According to Florida Department of Education data, 14.2 percent of the charter schools that have been graded so far would have dropped more than one letter grade[Read More…]

Enrollment trends in FL private schools

We reported last month that Florida’s private school enrollment numbers are rising again. And that’s true. But trend lines beneath the surface suggest the modest rebound is tied more to publicly funded options than to private-paying students. Here’s the thing: McKay scholarships for disabled students and tax credit scholarships for low-income[Read More…]

Florida roundup: school grades, charter schools, Common Core & more

Charter schools. The Pembroke Pines Charter Schools system, which recently cut teacher pay, is asking parents to pay $1,000 per student per year to restore the system’s reserves. South Florida Sun Sentinel. Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill boosting accountability for charter schools. Orlando Sentinel. Common Core. FEA President Andy[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Class size, charter funding, PolitiFact on Rick Scott & more

PolitiFact on PIRLS. PolitiFact looks into Gov. Rick Scott’s statement about how well Florida fourth-graders fared on the recent PIRLS results. The ruling: Mostly True. Charter school funding. Palm Beach district officials are upset by state budget proposals that would once again give a modest amount of capital outlay money[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Charter schools, magnet schools, teacher conduct & more

Charter school attendance. The Palm Beach County school district plans to bring in a computer program to better track charter school attendance after one school overstated its numbers. Extra Credit blog. “Magnet mania.” Duval puts on its first School Choice Expo. First Coast News. ESA debate resurfacing? Gradebook. Please raise[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Jeb summit, charter schools, per pupil spending & more

More Jeb Bush summit. Checker Finn’s a fan. EdWeek writes up Arne Duncan’s speech. More from Bloomberg, Stateline, the Getting Smart blog. New ed leadership. John Legg, the former state rep and new state senator from Pasco is the new chair of the Senate K-20 Education Policy Committee, reports Gradebook. (The post also includes[Read More…]

Florida charter school parents organize to gain clout, debunk myths

Florida charter schools, management companies and leaders are represented by at least two statewide organizations. But for years, charter school parents “were the lost group,’’ said Henry A. Rose, a longtime charter school advocate. Rose decided to do something about it. With help from the Florida Consortium of Public Charter[Read More…]