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The Sisters of St. Joseph

A century ago, three Catholic sisters in St. Augustine, Fla. were arrested for something the state Legislature had recently made a crime: Teaching black children at what, in the parlance of the time, was known as a “negro school.” The ensuing trial propelled a 266-year-old French Catholic order and America’s[Read More…]

Florida must embrace alternate visions of public education. Now.

How much concern should the citizens of Florida have for the unprecedented change in store for the state’s age demographics? The chart below displays projected increase in youth and elderly populations by state, focusing on the top 10 states for youth population growth. Keep in mind these are increases, not[Read More…]

Florida’s education system must get a lot better, a lot faster

The U.S. Census Bureau projects big demographic challenges ahead for Florida. The below figure summarizes its projections for the simultaneous increases in Florida’s youth and elderly populations out to the year 2030. So let’s take the blue and the red columns separately. The blue columns show Florida’s youth population aged[Read More…]

Florida is not ready for the future

The United States faces a staggering demographic challenge over the next two decades. Every state in the union faces this problem, and some have it harder than others. Florida faces one of the larger challenges in that the population of both young and old will be vastly increasing at the[Read More…]

Education needs the ‘tech surge’

Editors’s note: State Sen. John Legg is a Florida certified teacher with more than 10 years of classroom teaching experience. He is also a school administrator and the current chairman of the K-20 Education Policy Committee in the Florida Senate. During the White House’s much-maligned rollout of the Affordable Care Act, President[Read More…]

From the Silver State to the Sunshine State: A look at how far you’ve come

After 2,500 miles through high deserts, forested mountains, windswept prairies, and boggy woodlands – and 190 gallons of gas and one flat tire – I’ve reached my education destination. For the past five years in Nevada, I made a consistent pitch to my colleagues and lawmakers and the governor: “Copy[Read More…]