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Florida legislators give nod to bill that would streamline school choice scholarship approval process

Members of Florida’s Senate education committee today approved a bill that would simplify the approval process for Florida families who are applying for K-12 education choice scholarships. The 6-3 vote along party lines saw all Republicans in favor. Senate Bill 1348, which the committee amended, would make technical fixes to[Read More…]

State’s top leaders name education choice a priority in this year’s legislative session

While other states were mandating lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, Florida was right to keep the state open, including its brick-and-mortar schools, Gov. Ron DeSantis said in his annual state of the state address today. “Florida schools are open, and we are only a handful of states in which every[Read More…]

Word for word: Florida Senate President on importance of education choice

In remarks at the start of the 2021 legislative session earlier today, Senate President Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, stressed the crucial role of school choice programs and the right of every family to make appropriate educational decisions for their children, regardless of their income level. Here are Simpson’s remarks: Most parents[Read More…]

Florida Legislature heads into historic session

The 175-year-old Florida Legislature, which turns 176 on May 26, reconvenes today for its annual 60-day legislative session. The largest global pandemic since 1918 has played havoc with the state’s budget, so money, as usual, will be the dominant issue. About 85,000 school district students were no-shows this year. The[Read More…]

Amendment to streamline scholarship eligibility guidelines headed to Senate Education Committee

TALLAHASSEE — The Senate Education Committee is expected to consider a measure today that would make it easier for economically disadvantaged families to access a new K-12 scholarship program approved last year. Committee chairman Manny Diaz, R-Hialeah, is proposing an amendment to SB 1220, a bill that currently spells out[Read More…]

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‘Monumental day’: Senate passes Family Empowerment Scholarship

In a party-line vote, the Florida Senate on Thursday passed a bill that would create the state-funded Family Empowerment Scholarship, which would eliminate the waiting list for low-income families seeking the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) and expand school choice opportunities for thousands of others. The legislation, SB 7070, would[Read More…]

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Senate committee passes amended scholarship bill

The Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday advanced a bill that would create a new state-funded program to eliminate a waiting list of 13,000 for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for lower-income families. SB 7070, which would establish the Family Empowerment Scholarship, previously passed two other committees. But the Appropriations Committee approved[Read More…]