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What do SAT scores really say about Florida’s K-12 education?

Routinely underappreciated, Florida’s K-12 schools do outstanding work with what they are given. Despite a relatively large low-income/working-class majority-minority student population and low per-pupil funding compared to other states, Florida performs about middle of the pack on national assessments. Results look even better when making apples-to-apples comparisons, which include controlling[Read More…]

Florida public schools

Florida public schools again rank high on academic outcomes

Is Florida’s public education system as bad as many of its critics suggest? Yet another analysis, focused exclusively on actual academic outcomes, says no. In fact, according to Reason magazine, Florida ranks No. 3 in K-12 educational quality and No. 1 in educational efficiency. Released this week, Reason’s ranking based[Read More…]

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Education Week: Florida public schools No. 4 in America in K-12 achievement

Florida public schools now rank No. 4 in academic achievement, behind only Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia, according to the latest annual “Quality Counts” report from Education Week, released  this week. Though it’s not noted in the report, Florida has a far higher rate of low-income students than any state[Read More…]