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These Florida public schools beat the odds in the latest school grades

Schools that received A’s in Florida’s latest round of school grades while serving large proportions of disadvantaged students tend to share at least one of two features in common: Either they’re charter schools, or they’re located in Miami-Dade County. The state Department of Education released letter grades this morning based[Read More…]

School grade padding in Florida helped district schools more than charters

Florida charter schools didn’t benefit as much as district schools from the school grades “safety net” that state education officials continued this summer. According to Florida Department of Education data, 14.2 percent of the charter schools that have been graded so far would have dropped more than one letter grade[Read More…]

‘The train has left the station on school choice’ – Florida BOE Chair Gary Chartrand, podcastED

Florida is a national leader in expanding school choice. And the state’s new top education official doesn’t see the momentum slowing, especially with low-income children. “The train has left the station on school choice,” Gary Chartrand, 58, told redefinED by phone this week – his first media interview since being[Read More…]