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A math teacher for the 21st Century

Twenty years ago, Dennis DiNoia taught middle school math in typical classrooms, in typical Florida public schools. Now his classroom is a local church, or bookstore, or online. Students come from public schools, private schools, and homeschooling co-ops. Lessons are based on a curriculum he designed and put on video.[Read More…]

Tony Bennett’s resignation disappoints school choice supporters

In mid-June, Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett visited a modest retreat on the outskirts of Tampa where a University of Notre Dame program was hosting a symposium on school choice. Fewer than 40 people were in attendance, but Bennett spoke and answered questions for an hour. “I will never ever[Read More…]

Questions about charter school fees

Questions have arisen in two large Florida school districts about the fees some charter schools are charging parents, putting a bigger spotlight on a gray area involving charters in Florida and beyond. Last month, the 200,000-student Hillsborough County School District sent letters to 11,170 charter school families, telling them fees at some schools[Read More…]

Patricia Levesque on Common Core, online learning & tweaking school grades

Editor’s note: It’s no secret that Patricia Levesque, the executive director of both of Jeb Bush’s education foundations, has a reputation as a hard-charging ed reformer. So it’s definitely noteworthy to hear her take on possible changes to Florida’s school grading  formula. “With Common Core coming online and a lot of[Read More…]