More funding changes proposed for Florida virtual schools

Florida’s virtual education system could see more funding changes under one of the competing spending plans proposed by lawmakers. The House and Senate last week released rival budget proposals that would increase funding for K-12 public schools. The Senate plan would alter the way Florida funds its virtual education programs,[Read More…]

Growth stalls at Florida Virtual School

The muscular growth of Florida Virtual School, the nation’s largest provider of online classes, has suddenly become anemic. And the culprit seems to be legislative changes made this spring to the state’s funding formula for education. Over the last five years, the highly regarded FLVS has seen a 24 percent[Read More…]

Florida roundup: charter schools, virtual schools, Common Core & more

Charter schools. Parents at Rowlett Elementary, a magnet in Manatee, say their calculations show a charter school conversion will bring in more money for fine arts programs. Sarasota Herald Tribune. Virtual schools. Florida Virtual School holds its first ever graduation for full-time students, reports the Seminole Chronicle. Lee County’s virtual school, the Lee[Read More…]