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Survey: Parents pick private schools based on learning environment, not test scores

When it comes to reasons why parents move from public to private schools, standardized test scores are nowhere near the top of the list, but concerns about classroom discipline and atmosphere are, according to a new report from the Friedman Foundation For Educational Choice. Based on a survey of 754[Read More…]

No question, parents flock to school choice

  The American Federation of Teachers released a new survey this week, “Public School Parents and the Promise of Public Education,” that claims many things. But most important to school choice supporters, it says the vast majority of parents prefer traditional public schools and are opposed to educational options. The[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: vouchers in Ohio, tax credit scholarships in Delaware, charter school performance & more

National. A new study from CREDO shows charter schools improving nationally, compared to traditional public schools, but with results varying widely from state to state. National coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post, Hechinger Report, Charters & Choice, Associated Press, Huffington Post. State-level coverage in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Salt Lake City Tribune, Tampa Bay Times,[Read More…]

A ‘whiny’ argument against voucher testing

The question of how to hold private schools academically accountable for publicly supported, school voucher students remains contentious and, frankly, unclear. But to oppose tests out of fear the opposition will twist the results is simply untenable. In one of the latest venues where this debate played out, at the[Read More…]

Debate needs to be thoughtful on testing for tax credit scholarship students

A 73-second exchange between Gov. Rick Scott and capital reporters last week has raised the profile of testing in Florida’s scholarship for low-income children, but done little to deepen the debate. The question of testing is a legitimate one, but cannot be separated from the educational context. Gov. Scott had[Read More…]

Court rules against Louisiana vouchers

A district judge ruled Friday that Louisiana’s statewide voucher program is unconstitutional because of the mechanism it uses to send public funds to private entities, prompting groans from school choice supporters, cheers from teachers unions and promises of an appeal from Gov. Bobby Jindal. “Today is really significant,” said Steve Monaghan, president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers,[Read More…]