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Marco Rubio pitches federal school choice program

America’s long-running, state-by-state battle over parental empowerment in education may be going national. In what could be the most far-reaching school choice legislation in U.S. history, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is proposing that low-income parents anywhere in the country be able to choose private schools through a federal initiative similar to the tax[Read More…]

School choice meshes with progressive Democratic Party values

Editor’s note: This op-ed appeared over the weekend in the Huffington Post. At least three more red states — Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee — will push for school vouchers in the coming months. But the familiar showdown between Republican lawmakers and teachers’ unions masks a more intriguing political development[Read More…]

George McGovern & the Democratic shift on school choice

None of the recent obituaries of George McGovern – the former U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate who died Oct. 21 and was buried Friday – discussed his long struggle to reconcile loyalty to teachers unions with his belief that poor and working-class parents should be able to pick their[Read More…]

Both Democrats and Republicans have switched on school choice

Long-time Democratic education activist Jack Jennings, in a recent Huffington Post column, argued that Republican support for private school choice is a somewhat recent (i.e., the last 45 years) phenomenon, driven by a political desire to appeal to segregationists and weaken teacher unions.  Jennings writes, “The Republicans’ talk about giving[Read More…]

EdWeek: Democrats warming to school vouchers

We here at redefinED love to thump that drum, so it was nice to see the nation’s education paper of record picking up the beat this week. Three takeaways from Sean Cavanagh’s even-handed piece on the politics of school vouchers: The big picture: This year’s presidential campaign offers at least one unequivocal contrast on education issues: The[Read More…]

George McGovern on vouchers now — and then

NOW: From the book, What It Means to Be a Democrat, published this month by Blue Rider Press, former Senator and presidential candidate George McGovern writes: Yes, I’m sure that some private academies offer students more one-on-one attention and perhaps more intellectual stimulation than the neighborhood public school. But that[Read More…]