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Tony Bennett, two other candidates named finalists for Florida education chief

The Florida Board of Education announced its finalists for education commissioner today, with a list of three candidates including Indiana’s outgoing education chief Tony Bennett. Bennett, who gained national acclaim and criticism for pushing Florida-style education reforms in his home state, lost his re-election bid last month. That immediately sparked rumors that the Chiefs[Read More…]

Joe Williams: On ed reform, GOP should throw Tea Party under the (school) bus

by Joe Williams I spend a lot of my time navigating the tumultuous internal conflicts and ideological inconsistencies within my party, the Democratic Party, when it comes to public education. In fact, that’s more or less my job description. So I have to admit that it is somewhat pleasurable to watch[Read More…]

Margaret Spellings: Status quo benefits if feds don’t push ed reform, school choice

Giving parents and families the opportunity to choose the very best education options available for their children is not only the right thing to do, but it leads to accountability for results. School choice plus standards, assessments, transparency for results, and consequences for failure has been the recipe our nation’s[Read More…]