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3 things parents need to know about school reopening

Editor’s note: Policy expert and redefinED guest blogger Jonathan Butcher wrote this commentary for the Goldwater Institute. It appeared June 18 on the institute’s blog, In Defense of Liberty. As students around the country begin summer break, the status of K-12 school operations is different from state to state—even district[Read More…]

Victory for Utah students and families

Around the country, talk of closures and quarantine is giving way to plans for re-opening. Despite moving in fits and starts, Utah officials found something unique for families and students to look forward to even if schools are closed for the rest of the year. On Friday, state lawmakers approved[Read More…]

Hard work, not ‘magic Cubans,’ led to Florida’s Hispanic literacy surge

You, dear reader, look as though you could use some distraction from the viral apocalypse. Like many good stories, this one flashes back to the past to inform the present. A decade ago, while an analyst at the Goldwater Institute, I participated in a debate concerning choice versus curriculum reform.[Read More…]

Social distancing: a perfect opportunity for parents to find out what their children are learning

Coronavirus is interrupting life in general and education specifically. As parents in the U.S. adjust to school closures and the potential for their K-12 child’s coursework to continue online, families should come to realize that they will be exposed to more of what their children are learning. For some, this[Read More…]

redefinEd executive editor talks education choice on Arizona public radio

For as long as there have been public schools, there has been school choice. That was the message Matt Ladner delivered to education choice critics in an interview on KJZZ, a Phoenix-based public radio station. The station aired interviews this week reflecting both sides of the education choice issue, which[Read More…]

Universal choice plan passes Florida Senate panel

Florida’s Senate Education Committee just passed a plan that would make a voucher or other money for educational expenses universally accessible to Florida families. Despite its “vouchers-for-all” moniker, the proposed bill creating Education Savings Accounts passed with the support of one Democrat, Bill Montford, who also serves as the chief executive of the Florida[Read More…]