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Hillsborough County School Board reverses course on charter school renewal

After compelling testimony and much debate, the Hillsborough County School Board voted 6-1 in a special session this morning to reverse its previous decision and approve charter school renewals for Kid’s Community College Charter High School, Pivot Charter School, Southshore Charter Academy and Woodmont Charter School. Among those who spoke[Read More…]

Commentary: Hillsborough, don’t close our high-achieving charter schools

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from Amy Sams, principal of Southshore Charter Academy, and Cuwana Lawson, principal of Woodmont Charter School, appeared Friday on tampabay.com. As the principals of two high-achieving charter schools in Hillsborough County, we along with thousands of students and their families, are appalled at the Hillsborough[Read More…]

Countdown to opening day at IDEA Public Schools, Tampa’s first ‘Schools of Hope’

As school board members in one Florida county face state consequences for pushing back on charter school contract renewals, two of the state-sanctioned “schools of hope” are joyously preparing for openings next month in the same region. IDEA Public Schools is opening its Hope and Victory campuses on Aug. 10[Read More…]

In Florida district, academic competitions splinter as school choice expands

For their project, Gussie Lorenzo-Luaces and three classmates at Deer Park Elementary in Tampa, Fla., wanted to find out what kind of paper allows a paper airplane to fly the farthest. After five trial runs, they determined copy paper, with its smooth surface and stable weight, worked best. The boys’[Read More…]