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The state of school choice in the U.S.

Charter schools and home schooling are experiencing major growth. Meanwhile, there were no significant differences between students in charter schools and traditional public schools in average reading and mathematics scores on national tests in 2017. Those are two of the key findings in the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE) latest[Read More…]

Put her in charge or it’s game over, man!

The American film classic Aliens features a group of futuristic Marines who bite off more than they can chew when a distant colony they’re exploring turns out to be a lair of deadly space monsters. Private Hudson, played by the late, great Bill Paxton, melts down in a panic. Sigourney[Read More…]

Gardiner scholarship

Miss Ana and her mighty home school micro cluster

MIAMI – “Guys! Choo-choo formation!” At Ana Garcia’s command, a loose knot of people near the turnstiles at Zoo Miami – three adults, five kids – lined up, put their hands on the back shoulders of the person in front of them, and merged into something less locomotive than caterpillar.[Read More…]

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Home Education Enrichment Program gives students choice and community

The idea that pain can lead to a positive change in one’s life left students seeking more answers in Jason Crawford’s class. One student sat laughing in disbelief. “How could this be?” she asked with amazement. “Because pain leads to awareness and awareness plus choice equals action,” said Crawford, donning[Read More…]

Florida roundup: School grades, charter schools, Space of Mind & more

Charter schools. What happened to the Ben Gamla charter school in Pinellas is a “study in bad charter school governance.” Choice Words. Parents try to figure out what to do now that a struggling charter school in Deland is closing. Daytona Beach News Journal. Ditto for the parents of a[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: bullying, teacher conduct, eyeball scanners & more

Bullying. Gov. Rick Scott signs the anti-bullying bill into law. Gradebook. Teacher conduct. A private school teacher in West Delray is under investigation for allegations of sex with a student, reports the South Florida Sun Sentinel. State officials are investigating whether a Collier County teacher verbally abused students, reports the NBC-2.[Read More…]

School choice parents to rally at Florida Capitol

“Where are the parents who support school choice?” “Where are the parents who support parental empowerment?” “Where are the parents whose children benefit from education reform?” These are typical questions from traditional parenting groups, groups that sometimes say they represent Florida parents in all educational matters. They have to ask[Read More…]