In Obama’s Term 2, a historic opportunity to expand parental school choice

President Obama has often called on us to be true to who we are as a people, as Americans. And in his second term, he has the opportunity to transform the education system back to our core – to where parents are primarily in charge of children’s educations. We have[Read More…]

Charter schools and RTI could better benefit special education students

by Allison Hertog Last spring the U.S. Government Accountability Office issued a study concluding that charter schools enroll a lower percentage of special education students than traditional public schools. Some commentators have questioned this study’s methodology and conclusions, while others believe it confirms what they have seen in practice. Regardless of where[Read More…]

Eva Moskowitz: Feds can urge the nation to think bigger, be bolder, move faster

by Eva S. Moskowitz Big. Bold. Fast. I constantly remind my team at Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City that as well as we are doing in rolling out new high-performing schools (we have one of the most ambitious plans in the nation) we can’t possibly move fast[Read More…]