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Florida is overcoming ‘systemic privilege’ by putting students before the ‘system’

Editor’s note: This commentary from William Mattox, director of the Marshall Center for Educational Options at the James Madison Institute, appeared Friday on RealClear Policy. Throughout America, a very important – and highly racialized – conversation is taking place about overcoming injustice. Here in Florida, that conversation has often gone[Read More…]

Home schoolers could help chart a path to customized education

“Blended learning.” “Customized education.” “Student-centered.” It’s hard to write about what’s possible in the future of education without getting stuck in a morass of jargon and buzzwords. William Mattox of the James Madison Institute has produced a new policy brief that paints a clearer picture of what those mind-fogging terms aim to[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Education reporting, education rankings, Diane Ravitch & more

Florida’s status. Matt Reed, Florida Today’s editorial page editor, takes a look at NAEP data and the most recent Education Week Quality Counts report and concludes: “We obviously have room to improve. But our system is neither starving, as educators always say. Nor is it “broken” or “failing,” as reformers keep telling[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Teacher quality, teacher evaluations, a missing forklift & more

Next steps. Florida should adopt parent triggers and education savings accounts to keep the reform momentum going, writes William Mattox at the James Madison Institute. Florida Voices. More on teacher raises. Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal is “long overdue,” writes the Miami Herald. Teachers deserve it, writes the Tampa Tribune. Agreed, writes the Florida[Read More…]