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Florida ranks as high achiever of educational freedom

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jonathan Butcher, Will Skillman Fellow in Education at the Heritage Foundation and a reimaginED guest blogger, and Jason Bedrick, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy, appeared Saturday on orlandosentinel.com. You can listen to reimaginED senior writer Lisa Buie’s podcast with[Read More…]

Whether it’s home or schools, the same thing matters: location, location, location

When my husband and I bought our first home as newlyweds, we didn’t think to ask what public schools served the area. We were young, childless, and hyper-focused on our journalism careers, so our concerns centered on ease of commuting to work and shopping. Then there was the fact that[Read More…]

E pluribus bonum

“That which purifies us is trial, and trial is by what is contrary.” John Milton, Areopagitica My thanks to those eminent school choice advocates Larry Sand of California and collaborators Robert Enlow and Jason Bedrick of EdChoice in Indiana. I recommend reading their recent critiques here and here of the[Read More…]

Common ground to advance choice: Miltonite means and Coonian ends

Editor’s note: Robert Enlow, president and CEO of EdChoice, and Jason Bedrick, director of policy at EdChoice, provided the following response to a post from redefinED columnist John Coons. In a recent redefinED blog post, school choice icon John Coons proposed finding common ground between two groups of education reformers[Read More…]

Parents’ voices would make this school choice debate even better

Civility and respect are core values we promote at redefinED, so we were pleased to read the well-mannered exchange between Jason Bedrick and Kevin Welner about the pros and cons of tax credit scholarships. Readers who missed their back and forth can get caught up beginning here, and continuing here, here,[Read More…]

Florida roundup: charter schools, tax credit scholarships and a question about parent trigger

Charter schools. Brooksville’s first charter school, one with a STEM focus, will open this fall, reports the Tampa Bay Times. Competition from charter schools is forcing the Palm Beach County school district to think harder about its needs and priorities, reports the Palm Beach Post. Charters are also sparking debate among Palm Beach[Read More…]