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Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Loch Ness monster, DOJ spreadsheets & more

We’re trying something new today: an occasional report card that offers a quick analysis of education reform news from around the country. Who gets a satisfactory? Who’s in need of improvement? Read on. Joy Resmovits, ed writer at Huffington Post The Huffington Post is a fair news outlet when it comes to[Read More…]

School choice “represents the ultimate form of accountability”

From Patricia Levesque, executive director of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, in the Shreveport Times (H/T to EdFly Blog and Jay P. Greene’s Blog): The rhetoric surrounding parental choice often becomes apocalyptic in tone, despite very clear evidence that it improves public schools. Much of the Louisiana discussion has focused[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: school choice demand in Florida, American heritage charter school in Idaho and more

Idaho: State education offficials approve the American Heritage Charter School, which will emphasize American history, patriotism, money management and free market economics. (Idaho Statesman) Florida: Demand continues to surge for the state’s tax credit scholarship program, as the chart at left shows. (Tampa Bay Times’ Gradebook blog).  The number of charter school teachers in the[Read More…]

Choice nuggets: Islamophobia, a Jeb Bush endorsement and testing mania in Florida

Editor’s note: Today, we introduce a new feature (even if we’re not sure the name will last) – an occasional compilation of bite-sized nuggets about school choice and education reform that are worth noting but may not be worth a post by themselves. More anti-Muslim bigotry in school choice debates It’s nearly impossible[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: School choice expansion in Pennsylvania, charter school initiative in Washington and more

Pennsylvania: A budget deal expands the state’s existing tax credit scholarship program and creates a new one aimed at helping students in struggling schools. (Philadelphia Inquirer) Washington: Bill Gates chips in $1 million for a ballot initiative to bring charter schools to one of the last states without any. (Associated[Read More…]

How does ‘Tear down this wall!’ sound for a school choice rallying cry?

Nobody invoked Ronald Reagan this week and demanded that somebody (Randi Weingarten? President Obama? The local school board?) “tear down this wall,” but two school choice champions got close. Step Up for Students President Doug Tuthill used the Berlin Wall analogy yesterday in a redefinED post about the big-picture trends in[Read More…]