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School choice meshes with progressive Democratic Party values

Editor’s note: This op-ed appeared over the weekend in the Huffington Post. At least three more red states — Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee — will push for school vouchers in the coming months. But the familiar showdown between Republican lawmakers and teachers’ unions masks a more intriguing political development[Read More…]

Both Democrats and Republicans have switched on school choice

Long-time Democratic education activist Jack Jennings, in a recent Huffington Post column, argued that Republican support for private school choice is a somewhat recent (i.e., the last 45 years) phenomenon, driven by a political desire to appeal to segregationists and weaken teacher unions.  Jennings writes, “The Republicans’ talk about giving[Read More…]

Democrats weren’t always so resistant to private school choice

Editor’s note: Adam Emerson, who writes the Choice Words blog at the Fordham Institute, wrote a lot about the progressive roots of school choice when he was editor here at redefinED. Here is his latest piece on the subject. The 2012 Democratic Party platform released this week calls for the[Read More…]

DNC 2012: Pro-school-choice Democrats have the momentum

After going 56 years without attending a national political convention, I’m headed to Charlotte for my second convention in a week. For school choice advocates, the Democratic National Convention will be a somewhat hostile environment, unlike last week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, where all forms of school choice were[Read More…]