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COVID-19 sparks virtual school growth in Florida, elsewhere

Online learning providers nationwide are enjoying unprecedented enrollment increases as families seek more education choice for their children amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a story published today in Education Week. Virtual school providers cite a variety of reasons for the success they experienced even before COVID-19: comprehensive learning management[Read More…]

How K-12 schools can meet the current moment and move beyond it

In this video special to redefinED, author and education reformer Michael Horn talks with education pioneer Julie Young, the founder of Florida Virtual School, a student-centered online-learning provider that focuses on competency based education rather than traditional seat time. Julie is now the CEO of Arizona State University Prep Digital,[Read More…]

Choice groups, unite! Florida alliance brings school choice sectors together

In 2010, Doug Tuthill took a look around and realized he was living in a new era. “Florida had this rapidly expanding portfolio of school choice options,” said Tuthill, the president of Step Up For Students, which administers the state’s tax credit scholarship program. “Yet there was little dialogue among[Read More…]