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FL schools roundup: Charter schools, Charlie Crist, FL’s progress & more

Tax credit scholarships. Creative Loafing gives Charlie Crist’s “evolution” on tax credit scholarships some ink after the Miami Herald story about his refusal to denounce the FSBA/FEA suit to kill them. School choice. Private schools still serve the public good, writes William Mattox of the James Madison Institute, in an op-ed[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Florida Formula, StudentsFirst, legislative hopes & more

Critiquing the Florida Formula. Matt Di Carlo at the Shanker Blog is a critic to be taken seriously. In his latest post, he looks at the research that has evaluated different components in Florida’s reform effort, including the competitive pressures from vouchers, tax credit scholarships and charter schools. “As usual,”[Read More…]

Florida’s public school “defenders” should stop bashing public schools

In Florida, we love the bizarre. We cultivate gator-eating pythons and face-eating zombies and transvestites who inject women’s derrieres with Fix-a-Flat. So maybe it makes complete sense that our education debates are so often detached from reality, too. It’s strange but true: Some of the same people who say Jeb[Read More…]