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In parent choice suit, U.S. Department of Justice on wrong side of history

Editor’s note: This piece is in response to the U.S. Department of Justice’s legal action against the voucher program in Louisiana. It is co-authored by Howard Fuller, board chairman of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, and Kevin Chavous, executive counsel of the American Federation for Children. It is easier to[Read More…]

‘We can’t ignore the pleas of our parents anymore’ – BAEO President Kenneth Campbell, podcastED

Elected black Democrats who support vouchers and charter schools are slowly but surely finding themselves less isolated. And for that, they can thank relentless parents, said Kenneth Campbell, president of the Black Alliance for Educational Options. The tide is changing because of “this constant drumbeat that they’re hearing from parents[Read More…]

President Obama should ‘get out of the way’ of D.C. voucher program

Kevin Chavous, a senior advisor to the American Federation for Children, criticizes President Obama in this recent Washington Post op-ed for not supporting the Washington D.C. voucher program and suggests a new approach for Term 2: I have long been a supporter of the president, and I continue to applaud many of[Read More…]

redefinED blog stars: Michelle Rhee’s misread on vouchers, why teachers unions aren’t to blame and more

Editor’s note: This is our second installment of “blog stars,” a compilation of thoughtful material from other ed blogs. If I missed something good, by all means let me know at rmatus@stepupforstudents.org. Jay P. Greene’s Blog: Much to Learn About Vouchers Rhee Still Has Michelle Rhee’s faith in regulation is odd.[Read More…]

The American Federation For Children and Malcolm X

Let’s be clear. The American Federation For Children spends significant sums of money to elect candidates who support educational options, and it usually does so in direct competition with teacher unions. But those who dismissed the AFC 2011 National Policy Summit as either politically or philosophically monolithic are playing some[Read More…]