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Parents’ voices would make this school choice debate even better

Civility and respect are core values we promote at redefinED, so we were pleased to read the well-mannered exchange between Jason Bedrick and Kevin Welner about the pros and cons of tax credit scholarships. Readers who missed their back and forth can get caught up beginning here, and continuing here, here,[Read More…]

Florida roundup: charter schools, tax credit scholarships and a question about parent trigger

Charter schools. Brooksville’s first charter school, one with a STEM focus, will open this fall, reports the Tampa Bay Times. Competition from charter schools is forcing the Palm Beach County school district to think harder about its needs and priorities, reports the Palm Beach Post. Charters are also sparking debate among Palm Beach[Read More…]

Wishing for more common ground in school choice, education reform debates

A recent headline in the Charlotte Observer offers inspiration this season. “Compete and cooperate,” the newspaper wrote of charter, district and private schools there, “A new direction for Mecklenburg schools.” This is not a fictional account and it turns on a basic truth about education reform: Despite the caverns that sometimes separate those[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Charter school funding, tax credit scholarships, Amendment 8 …

Florida Board of Education openings. Two coming up, notes Gradebook. When Florida and Mississippi schools were peas in a pod. Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Tax credit scholarships in Chronicle of Philanthropy. (subscription required) The story leads with Step Up For Students and quotes “neovoucher” expert Kevin Welner: “He also argues that most states[Read More…]

“NeoVoucher” researcher relies on guesswork to tar tax credit scholarships

Give Sean Cavanagh at Education Week credit for a relatively balanced report on tax credit scholarship issues that have been raised in several states, though not all of his sources displayed a similar rigor. The story offers us a snapshot into how one noted academic researcher draws financial conclusions, and the picture is not[Read More…]