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Florida roundup: Lawsuits, campaigns, tax credit scholarships and more

Lawsuits. Writers in the Tampa Tribune and National Review Online sharply criticize the lawsuit challenging Florida tax credit scholarships. A Tampa Bay Times columnist criticizes Gov. Rick Scott for opposing the lawsuit.  State Sen. John Legg declines an award from one of the groups suing. Gradebook. redefinED. Tax credit scholarships. My Fox Tampa Bay highlights a student attending a military-oriented private school his family[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Lawsuits, testing, school choice and more

Lawsuits. The statewide teachers union, school boards association and other groups are preparing to announce the first direct constitutional challenge to Florida’s tax credit scholarship program. Times/Herald. Sentinel School Zone. redefinED. Testing. In clear violation of state law, the Lee County school board votes to “opt out” of all state standardized testing. Fort[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Single-gender schools, testing, accountability and more

Single gender. The Hillsborough District responds to an ACLU complaint. Tampa Tribune. Tax credit scholarships.Sunshine State News reports on the latest evaluation of student results. Digital learning. A Collier bring-your-own device policy proves popular. Naples Daily News. Testing. The Lee County School Board discusses a district-wide testing boycott. Fort Myers[Read More…]