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How to fix unequal distribution of education resources

Editor’s note: This commentary from Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, appeared last week on RealClear Education. It provides an overview of how the organization is working in several states to build support for providing parents and educators with new educational options. Each December we spend a lot of[Read More…]

Education savings accounts: The best route toward improved education outcomes

Editor’s note: With this commentary, reimaginED is pleased to introduce our readers to our newest guest blogger, Daniel Martinez, a coalitions director for The LIBRE Initiative. Every family knows that for their children to succeed, nothing is more important than a good education. That’s certainly true of Florida’s Hispanic community,[Read More…]

New LIBRE Initiative leader sees education freedom as ‘ultimate endgame’

As a kid whose family immigrated to the United States from Cuba in 1992, Daniel Martinez knows what it’s like to suddenly have choices after years of living without them. He also knows it takes hard work to build the American dream from scratch. “My mom taught herself cosmetology, and[Read More…]