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School voucher mom: ‘This is going to help my children come out of poverty’

The school choice movement is growing because of real parents with real children, with real needs, who are seeing real benefits. In this video from Louisiana BAEO, parent LeAnn Mason talks about the upside of the voucher program in Louisiana, which is facing a constitutional challenge from the state teachers[Read More…]

“You’re going to have to get even madder”

Now this is a story. The piece about Louisiana’s voucher program in today’s New Orleans Times-Picayune is paced with real parents, talking about the real needs of their kids – and how the voucher program, under legal assault, has helped them meet those needs. The lead alone should be enough to move even the most detached reader[Read More…]

Court rules against Louisiana vouchers

A district judge ruled Friday that Louisiana’s statewide voucher program is unconstitutional because of the mechanism it uses to send public funds to private entities, prompting groans from school choice supporters, cheers from teachers unions and promises of an appeal from Gov. Bobby Jindal. “Today is really significant,” said Steve Monaghan, president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers,[Read More…]