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Florida schools roundup: Voucher bill, Bright Futures, education funds and more

Voucher expansion: The House Education Committee approves a bill that would use the state’s general revenue to expand a state scholarship program for students to attend private schools. The Family Empowerment Scholarship would be open to about 28,000 students, twice as many as the Senate is proposing, and students from[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: New voucher bill, arming teachers poll, teacher pay and more

Voucher expansion: The Florida House Education Committee files a bill that would expand the use of state money to pay for scholarships so students can attend private schools. In the House’s version of a bill to cut the list of 14,000 students waiting for a tax credit scholarship, about 28,000[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Charters security, guns at schools, arming teachers and more

Charters security ruling: An administrative law judge rules that the Palm Beach County District must assign security officers to charter schools in order to comply with a state law passed last year. The school board had refused to provide officers for Renaissance Charter School Inc., which operates six schools in[Read More…]