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Putting Florida’s private school choice participation in perspective

Florida may be home to the largest private-school choice program in the nation, but its level of participation ranks no. 3 in the country, according to new data from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. The no. 1 state (Arizona) should come as no surprise. The no. 2 state (Vermont) might,[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: All About the Volunteers

Tennessee Education Report Andy Spears of the Tennessee Education Report says sponsors of Tennessee’s new education savings account program for children with special needs don’t know much about the bill they just passed. But it may be Spears who doesn’t understand the bill, as he spends more time speculating on parental rights[Read More…]

Parents speak out for private school scholarships in Tallahassee

Headlines in the days leading up to Jeb Bush’s closely watched visit to Tallahassee promised there would be protests. As it turned out, there were two demonstrations, one supporting private school choice programs and one opposing them. On Tuesday, a phalanx of nearly 20 protesters gathered in a barricaded area outside a[Read More…]