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FL Catholic schools show enrollment growth, again

Again defying national trends, Catholic schools in Florida showed enrollment growth for the second year in a row this year. Enrollment in PreK-12 reached 84,750, up from 84,258 last year, a modest increase of 0.6 percent, according to data released Monday by the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops. Enrollment was[Read More…]

Private voucher schools hit by funding change to Florida Virtual School

In a new twist on the legislative funding changes crimping Florida Virtual School, private schools that accept state-funded McKay Scholarships for special needs students may now lose money when McKay students take FLVS classes. Private schools learned last week about the possible fallout, which could result in students dropping Florida[Read More…]

Balancing choice, regs in public education

My recent post about the importance of including parental choice in our definition of public education accountability drew a thoughtful response from Melissa Webber, the parent of a special needs child. She writes, “I’m not sure I agree with the writer’s explanation of accountability. While I support parental choice and[Read More…]

Parental choice is part of accountability

Accountability in public education derives from a combination of government regulations and consumer choice.  Historically, because we’ve had so little consumer choice in public education, regulations have been the dominant component of accountability. But now that school choice is becoming more ubiquitous, consumer choice is assuming a more prominent role.[Read More…]

Florida roundup: charter schools, school choice lotteries, gifted education & more

Charter schools. Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano uses the specter of for-profit charter schools to slam state lawmakers who support parent trigger: “They say tomato, I say morons.” Times columnist Bill Maxwell, meanwhile, highlights the success of Urban Prep Academies, a high-performing, all-male, all-black charter school in Chicago where, for[Read More…]

School choice parents to rally at Florida Capitol

“Where are the parents who support school choice?” “Where are the parents who support parental empowerment?” “Where are the parents whose children benefit from education reform?” These are typical questions from traditional parenting groups, groups that sometimes say they represent Florida parents in all educational matters. They have to ask[Read More…]

Fordham: Florida group wrong to resist state testing for school voucher students

The Fordham Institute took Florida’s McKay Coalition to task Monday for a survey the institute says “stoked emotions” about state tests at private schools that serve disabled students on state vouchers. In a post by parental choice program director Adam Emerson, the Institute chided the coalition for resisting academic assessment for[Read More…]

Florida roundup: charter schools, private schools, the Florida model & more

Charter schools. The Tampa Tribune suggests a compromise is in the works on bills dealing with charter schools funding, facilities and accountability. Senate education leaders want a broader discussion about a proposal to give charter schools dibs on unused school buildings, reports Gradebook. Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano lists support for[Read More…]