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Revisiting the promise and potential of charter schools 30 years later

On the most recent bi-weekly episode of the education podcast Class Disrupted, Michael Horn, senior strategist at Guild Education and founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, and Diane Tavenner, CEO and co-founder of Summit Public Schools in California and Washington State, take the opportunity to discuss charter schools as they[Read More…]

How K-12 schools can meet the current moment and move beyond it

In this video special to redefinED, author and education reformer Michael Horn talks with education pioneer Julie Young, the founder of Florida Virtual School, a student-centered online-learning provider that focuses on competency based education rather than traditional seat time. Julie is now the CEO of Arizona State University Prep Digital,[Read More…]

Course choice: putting school choice on steroids – Michael B. Horn, podcastED

Perhaps the most far-reaching education legislation in Florida this year isn’t getting much attention, overshadowed by bills like the parent trigger. But buzz or no, the quietly cruising “course choice” proposal is on the leading edge of a revolution in online learning. It takes school choice and “puts it on[Read More…]