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Bill Cosby joins Michelle Rhee’s group

Bill Cosby has joined the board of directors of StudentsFirst, the education reform group founded by Michelle Rhee. In a statement emailed to StudentsFirst supporters a few minutes ago, Cosby, a school choice supporter, wrote: “Enough is enough. I’ve seen the statistics on where American students rank in the world. I’ve heard the[Read More…]

Michelle Rhee skeptical of Romney school voucher plan

Fresh from Sean Cavanagh at Education Week, after interviewing Michelle Rhee at the DNC: Rhee was skeptical of Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s proposal to allow parents to use federal Title I and special-education money for private school vouchers. While Rhee backs vouchers for impoverished students in academically struggling schools, she said[Read More…]

Michelle Rhee at the RNC: Education reform “has to be a bipartisan movement”

Michelle Rhee calls herself a “very, very, lefty liberal.” So what is she doing at the RNC in Tampa? Building bridges. “Despite the fact that I hold Democratic views on a lot of things, what I have found in my work on education advocacy and policy is that I often[Read More…]

Jeb Bush, Michelle Rhee, Kumbaya

Liberal Democrat Michelle Rhee and conservative Republican Jeb Bush shared a stage at the RNC in Tampa today and suggested that despite the hyper partisanship on so many issues, there is increasingly common ground when it comes to education reform. “This is a chance for a Switzerland,” said Bush, the[Read More…]