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Randi Weingarten’s not a fan of parent trigger movie (showing today at the RNC)

Randi Weingarten must be watching the RNC goings-on pretty closely too. Minutes ago, the president of the American Federation of Teachers sent out a lengthy press release criticizing “Won’t Back Down,” the new movie about a mother and a teacher who use a parent trigger type law to turn around a struggling, inner-city school. I mention[Read More…]

Centrists hold keys on ed reform

At the RNC in Tampa this week, a small but bright constellation is scheduled to line up on education reform. Democrat Michelle Rhee, who famously tangled with teachers unions as schools chief in Washington D.C., will share a spotlight with Jeb Bush, who has praised President Obama’s ed initiatives, and Condoleezza Rice, who[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: A victory for school choice in New Hampshire, setbacks in North Carolina and more

New Hampshire: The state legislature overrides Gov. John Lynch’s veto of a tax credit scholarship bill. (Manchester Union-Leader) North Carolina: School choice leaders throw in the towel on a legislative proposal for tax credit scholarships. (Associated Press) A judge rules that a virtual charter school cannot open, siding with the state board of[Read More…]

The American Federation For Children and Malcolm X

Let’s be clear. The American Federation For Children spends significant sums of money to elect candidates who support educational options, and it usually does so in direct competition with teacher unions. But those who dismissed the AFC 2011 National Policy Summit as either politically or philosophically monolithic are playing some[Read More…]