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Purple Star program lets Florida Catholic schools nurture military families

It’s tough being the new kid in school. It’s even tougher being the new kid every two to three years. That’s the norm for 1.2 million United States children born into military families. According to the Military Child Education Coalition, military-connected children move six to nine times between kindergarten and[Read More…]

Florida announces proposed rules for schools to earn military-friendly Purple Star designation

Florida school leaders got their first look on Wednesday at proposed rules for earning a state designation that will earmark them as friendly to military families. The Purple Star campus program has been created in 28 states as of 2021, with the Florida Legislature approving its version in the form[Read More…]

State officials expand school choice scholarship eligibility to families in military reserves

More military families will be able to qualify for state K-12 education choice scholarships due to a rule change approved today by the Florida Board of Education. The rule was made in response to the passage of HB 7045, which expanded scholarship eligibility to dependents of active duty military families.[Read More…]

Florida Catholic schools eager for Purple Star Campus designation

Military families move every two to three years, which means new homes, new cities, and most important, new schools. To help make Florida’s education system more hospitable to the children of active duty and former members of the armed forces, state lawmakers recently approved HB 429. The law, which Gov.[Read More…]

Expanding options for military families – Sen. Tim Scott, podcastED

Sen. Tim Scott has seen how hard it can be for military families to find educational opportunities for their children as they move from one base to another. His older brother was a command sergeant major in the U.S. Army. His younger brother is a colonel in the Air Force.[Read More…]