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Common ground to advance choice: Miltonite means and Coonian ends

Editor’s note: Robert Enlow, president and CEO of EdChoice, and Jason Bedrick, director of policy at EdChoice, provided the following response to a post from redefinED columnist John Coons. In a recent redefinED blog post, school choice icon John Coons proposed finding common ground between two groups of education reformers[Read More…]

PodcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews education choice icon Stephen Sugarman

On this episode, Tuthill speaks with the nationally recognized Berkeley Law School professor who co-authored several books with his colleague and redefinED guest correspondent John Coons. In this first of a three-part series, Sugarman recalls how he got started in the education reform movement by studying district wealth inequality across[Read More…]

A voucher smear lacking evidence

The 1990 launch of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program marked the dawn of the modern school voucher movement. It was the product of an unlikely collaboration. Conservative acolytes of free-market economist Milton Friedman in the administration of Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson aligned with progressive black Democrats like the late state Rep. Polly[Read More…]