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Meet the Voucher Left

By critics, by media, and even by many supporters, it’s taken as fact: School choice is politically conservative. It’s Milton Friedman and free markets, Republicans and privatization. Right wing historically. Right wing philosophically. Critics repeat it relentlessly. Conservatives repeat it proudly. Reporters repeat it without question. It has been repeated[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: a Rand Paul pitch, a Tony Bennett resignation, a Milton Friedman birthday & more

Arizona: David Garcia, a Democrat and candidate for the open State Superintendent of Public Instruction seat, opposes private school choice so long as public schools are not “fully funded.” Garcia says he is a supporter of public charter schools (Eastern Arizona Courier). California: Rocketship charter schools expand and modify their[Read More…]

The best way for the feds to help schools? Get out of the way

If the federal government wants to make a lasting impact on American education, here’s how it can do it: Get out of the way of states and quit adding to the problem it helped create. Those closest to the children know what is in their best interests. In education, that hierarchy starts with a child’s parents or guardians and extends next to teachers and principals – way down the list are the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C.