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Ohio anti-voucher lawsuit misses the mark in its constitutional arguments

Editor’s note: This commentary appeared Tuesday on the Fordham Institute’s website. If you’re at all involved in Ohio education policy, you’ve heard about the anti-voucher lawsuit that was recently filed by the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding. The coalition, which is made up of dozens of[Read More…]

Districts don’t want to segregate but don’t have enough money for cab fare

District boundaries are not racially neutral, nor are the decisions made by districts on whether to participate in open enrollment. American housing patterns are quite segregated by income and race, so ZIP code assignment to schools will naturally reflect those patterns. An important way to improve education outcomes and potentially[Read More…]

Ohio lawmakers propose school choice for all students

An Ohio legislator, concerned that the state’s current voucher program isn’t sufficient to address the needs of all Ohio families, is proposing a new bill that would allow universal vouchers for all students, regardless of family income. The legislation, known as the “backpack bill,” would allow much greater access than[Read More…]

Does school choice need bipartisan support?

Jay Greene and James D. Paul gathered data for a new study for the American Enterprise Institute released Sept. 22 demonstrating that Democrats in state legislative chambers have only rarely made the difference in passing original private choice legislation nationwide. The authors make the case that choice supporters have erred[Read More…]

Choice vs. suburban opportunity hoarding

A few years ago, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute documented that the vast majority of Ohio suburban districts did not allow open enrollment transfers from urban districts. Pity the poor children of Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Dayton as depicted above on the left-hand side of the map, who are surrounded[Read More…]

Challenge coming to Ohio’s education choice legislation

A coalition of about 70 Ohio public school districts is threatening a lawsuit challenging legislation enacted this year to provide a broader range of educational opportunities for families. Included in HB 110 was removal of caps on the number of EdChoice Scholarships allowing children from low- and middle-income households to[Read More…]

Ohio dots the “i” in choice for a remarkable 2021 legislative season

Ohio lawmakers may have saved the best for last in a remarkable year for parental choice programs. School Choice Ohio ran down all the private school provisions here but briefly Ohio lawmakers created an afterschool enrichment Education Savings Account. They also created a new private choice scholarship tax credit, and[Read More…]