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Seeing a little progress in a New York Times lead

Two years ago, we launched redefinED in an attempt to help opinion leaders, the public and the mainstream media understand how public education is being transformed and redefined. So the following lead in yesterday’s New York Times was, even if by mere coincidence, gratifying to read:  “A growing number of[Read More…]

Religious families see benefits of ‘virtual’ schools

From Religion News Service: Since Florida became the first state to try them in 1996, virtual public schools have enjoyed dramatic growth, with at least some of it coming from religious families. Like home-schooling parents, parents of virtual public school students like having their children home so they can integrate[Read More…]

redefinED blog stars: On reform-minded school boards, the promise of virtual charters and the NAACP’s betrayal

Editor’s note: For those new to redefinED, “blog stars” is our occasional compilation of good stuff from other ed blogs (with a newspaper op-ed thrown in now and then, too). Huffington Post: In search of the elusive, reform-minded school board member What most people don’t understand is that managing failure[Read More…]