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Florida Opportunity Scholarships are back

After a one-year hiatus, Florida’s public school choice program for students in schools with low academic ratings is active again. The Opportunity Scholarship Program allows students in schools that received an F or three consecutive D’s under the state’s A-F grading system to transfer to another, higher-performing public school. It[Read More…]

Gloria Romero gives parent empowerment a new push

California’s parent empowerment law spawned organizing campaigns aimed at transforming individual schools by parent petition, and went on to inspire legislative showdowns over similar “parent trigger” legislation across the country, including in Florida. Yet that was only half of what the law did.  Another part of the 2010 statute could affect students[Read More…]

“Vouchers,” faith-based schools expand opportunities for low-income kids

Editor’s note: This op-ed ran in today’s Orlando Sentinel. Florida allocates five different scholarships from prekindergarten to college that allow students to attend faith-based schools. They don’t violate the U.S. Constitution because students choose, and government doesn’t coerce. Both factors were why, in 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that[Read More…]

In Obama’s Term 2, a historic opportunity to expand parental school choice

President Obama has often called on us to be true to who we are as a people, as Americans. And in his second term, he has the opportunity to transform the education system back to our core – to where parents are primarily in charge of children’s educations. We have[Read More…]

Vouchers at the RNC: ‘Because I had choice in my education, I was granted a better life’

To highlight the power of school choice, Jeb Bush, during his prime time slot at the Republican National Convention, turned the mic over to a former student from Miami. Frantz Placide, 24, calmly but directly told millions of viewers that a private school voucher program in Florida gave him the[Read More…]