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Learning pods for underserved students earns South Carolina group national recognition

  As the pandemic gripped the nation in the spring of 2020, American schools shut down and sent students home to finish the semester through online learning. The hastily organized programs were thought to be short-term solutions. But as the rising numbers of coronavirus cases ended administrators’ hopes of fully[Read More…]

Best of 2021: Pandemic pod rockets South Florida entrepreneur into a new career

Editor’s note: reimaginED is proud to reintroduce to our readers our best content of 2021 such as this feature story from senior writer Lisa Buie. Christy Kian wasn’t sure what she was getting into last year when she agreed to help a parent struggling to educate her two children during[Read More…]

Why don’t people leave when there’s a ghost in the house?

In a classic bit in his comedy special “Delirious,” Eddie Murphy comments on how strange it is that people hang around in haunted houses in movies like “The Amityville Horror”: “I would have been in the house and said, ‘Baby, this is beautiful! We got a chandelier hanging here, kids[Read More…]

Unique Florida learning option offers families safety, choice, peace of mind

Like a school, but better. That’s how Ali Kaufman, founder and CEO of Space of Mind, describes a revolutionary program that engages students, families, educators and the larger community in experiential learning. Kaufman’s brainchild, launched in 2004, is not a traditional school. Nor is it a tutoring center. It’s not[Read More…]

The haboob of the future

Back in 2015, I studied Census forecasts about predicted looming increases in state elderly and youth populations. Based on those forecasts, it was easy to see trouble ahead. Six years later, it’s obvious that trouble did indeed arrive, in some cases as expected and in others, in a different form.[Read More…]

Commentary: We must ensure communities can keep the innovations that kids need

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from Steven Hodas, senior strategic lead for citiesRISE, and Travis Pillow, editorial director at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, suggests it would be a mistake to ignore the hundreds of community-based innovations in teaching, learning, childcare and health and wellness that have sprung up[Read More…]

U.S. Census Bureau survey finds surge in homeschooling

“It wouldn’t surprise me if, five to 10 years from now, everyone looks at this and thinks, ‘That grew a whole lot faster than I thought it could. There is a slice of the market that is not being served by public education. They’re saying, ‘The public schools don’t work,[Read More…]