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podcastED: Edu-preneur helps homeschoolers unlock success

On this episode, reimaginED senior writer Lisa Buie talks with Melody Bolduc, a homeschooling mother of two daughters and founder of KEYS Educational Resource Center, a faith-based tutoring center for homeschoolers in Jacksonville, Florida. Bolduc says how she wanted to be a teacher as early as first grade, when she[Read More…]

podcastED: Progressive education choice icon Jack Coons and Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill on opening democracy for the poor through education choice

Editor’s note: To read a comprehensive overview of Coons’ efforts to change the face of education choice, researched and reported by Step Up For Students’ director of policy and public affairs Ron Matus, click here. On this special episode, recorded to coincide with the publication of renowned Berkeley law professor[Read More…]

Remember the rebels

Florida’s first school choice voucher left quite the legacy, even though it didn’t survive a legal challenge. One of the first Opportunity Scholarship students, Khaliah Clanton-Williams, says school choice changed her life for the better, and she’s hoping it will continue to expand so it can benefit her son as well.

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: Parent empowerment, transparent transparency and sad, but happy birthdays

Gloria Romero   Gloria Romero, a former Democratic majority leader of the California Senate, helped pass a bill that required parents to be informed if their child attended a school in the bottom 10 percent of all public schools in California. If they did, the parents could stick around at[Read More…]

For community organizers, parental empowerment is not about party politics.

Edit Barry is a mother, activist, writer and education blogger from Baltimore who criticized my recent blog post connecting feminism with school choice, where I wrote: The school choice movement is founded on the empowerment of teachers and custodial parents. Since most teachers and custodial parents are women and since feminism is[Read More…]