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Latest national poll: School choice gives better educational opportunities

A new online survey of 1,000 registered voters reveals that 51% of respondents think school choice programs provide better educational opportunities for students. According to the Scott Rasmussen survey, conducted Jan. 19-20, 19% of respondents do not believe that school choice provides better opportunities; 30% of respondents said they were[Read More…]

School choice is sweeping the nation from Florida to Utah

Editor’s note: This commentary from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush appeared Friday on wsj.com. It shouldn’t surprise anyone: I’m a proud Floridian. It’s the state I’ve long called home, where I raised my family and gratefully served two terms as governor. It’s also why I’m proud to boast about a[Read More…]

In wake of National School Choice Week, give Tom Paine his due

In honor of 2023’s National School Choice Week, the Cato Institute published one of the first comprehensive timelines of school choice. Because  opponents still seek to delegitimize school choice by accusing the movement of having nefarious origins, it’s more important now than ever to establish its true history, one that[Read More…]

Prophets of the do-it-yourself K-12 revolution

Silicon Valley homeschool mom Samantha Cook had this to say to Wired magazine in 2015: “The world is changing. It’s looking for people who are creative and entrepreneurial, and that’s not going to happen in a system that tells kids what to do all day … So how do you[Read More…]

Will education savings accounts change America’s definition of ‘public education?’

Editor’s note: This interview, conducted by Robert Pondiscio, a senior visiting fellow at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, with Ashley Berner, director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, appeared last week on the institute’s website. Last week, two more states—Iowa and Utah—joined Arizona and West Virginia in adopting universal[Read More…]

Virtual charter school board member mom to Florida lawmakers: ‘Empower parents for greater customization’

Melissa Ley left her job as a teacher at a public school to let her daughters learn at home after determining the public schools they attended were not the best fit for them. At the time, Ley’s family didn’t qualify for an education choice scholarship, so she enrolled the girls[Read More…]

South Carolina Senate passes expanded school choice ESA program

Editor’s note: This article appeared Thursday on redlion.com. The South Carolina Senate approved a bill this week granting 15,000 students access to education savings accounts. “There will be children whose lives will be changed for the better because of this bill,” Sen. Greg Hembree, R-District 28, chair of the Senate[Read More…]

Rural, minority Texans favor school choice according to University of Houston poll

Editor’s note: This analysis appeared Monday on thetexan.news. A new poll from the University of Houston’s Hobby School of Public Affairs indicates strong support for school choice in the Lone Star State, even among minorities and rural communities with fewer options. Conducted in January 2023, the survey asked 1,200 respondents from across[Read More…]