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Catholic virtual school offers options to families seeking online faith-based education

When Susana Moro was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia nearly four years ago, a faith-based virtual school in South Florida allowed her daughter to stay home with her mom while keeping up with her schoolwork. “She felt very comfortable and loved the classes,” said Moro, who underwent a successful bone[Read More…]

How children’s savings accounts can promote equal opportunity

Editor’s note: In this commentary, Dan Lips revisits an opinion piece Robert Reich wrote 20 years ago about progressive school vouchers in which Reich offered a promising grand compromise between the left’s and right’s visions for education reform. Today, Lips writes, state-funded children’s savings accounts are a new promising compromise[Read More…]

Homeschooling’s moment

Homeschooling’s moment has arrived. Surveys and media reports demonstrate a surge of interest in learning at home. Now is a critical time to consider how this once-marginalized option may hold answers to recurring questions about the roles played by generational poverty, access to human capital, and parent choice in education[Read More…]

Clearwater private school helps hearing-impaired students blossom at home

In the world of Montessori education, students learn by using all their senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. So how did a Montessori school adapt when forced to close its brick-and-mortar campus and transition to online learning? More specifically, how did a Montessori school that primarily serves students[Read More…]

Can I be a pioneer?

Editor’s note: Today’s post was written expressly for redefinED by education policy veteran and choice advocate Karla Phillips of Phoenix. I love seeing new posts on the National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion Facebook page. It’s so encouraging to see the increasing number of schools welcoming students of all abilities.[Read More…]

Gardiner Scholarship brings hope, healing to blind teen

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. — The teenage girl in the bright pink helmet sits astride the dark bay horse with the poise of an experienced equestrian. “Sarah, can you tell your horse to go?” the physical therapist asks. Sarah gently taps the top of Cappy’s head, and the 1,000-pound beast negotiates the[Read More…]

archivED: Revisiting a podcast with Jeb Bush

Editor’s note: Each Saturday in November, redefinED is reprising a podcast from our archives, reminding readers that we have a wealth of audio content to complement our written blog posts. Today, we revisit a June 2016 interview with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush conducted by former Step Up For Students[Read More…]