Shifting politics of school choice

Two events of national import on the school choice front in Florida deserve more celebration. Both of them – the 10,000-strong school choice rally with Martin Luther King III, and the signing of the bill expanding Florida’s education savings account program – suggest the choice debate continues to move to[Read More…]

Berkeley liberals and the roots of ESAs

This is the second post in our series on the Voucher Left. Way back in 1978, when Bee Gees ruled the radio and kids dumped pinball for Space Invaders, a couple of liberal Berkeley law professors were promoting a variation on “universal” school vouchers that they believed would ensure equity[Read More…]

Parent: Education savings account gives us freedom, flexibility, hope

We thought redefinED readers would enjoy the following essay about Florida’s Personal Learning Scholarship Account by Tampa, Fla. parent Mary Kurnik. It originally appeared in the summer 2015 issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine, and is re-published with the magazine’s permission. The PLSA is an education savings account (ESA) administered by[Read More…]

Bill expanding Florida special needs choice accounts passes unanimously

The Florida House this morning unanimously approved legislation that would expand access to the state’s newest parental choice program for children with special needs. The legislation would allow children with muscular dystrophy and a broader range of students with autism to use Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts, a cutting-edge program created last year.[Read More…]

Applications open for second year of Florida parental choice accounts

Parents can now apply for the second year of Florida’s newest parental choice program for students with special needs. Applications opened this week for parents who want to use Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts during the 2015-16 school year, more than six months earlier than in the first year of the program. The program was created by 2014[Read More…]

FL’s new special needs scholarship accounts can support college ambitions

Florida’s experiment with personalized accounts that help parents meet the educational needs of their special needs children is only beginning. In coming years, it could support a key priority for the incoming president of the state senate: Helping more of those children gain access to a college education. Senate President Andy Gardiner told[Read More…]